Tandem flights
touch the sky, once in a lifetime
Adventure, the unique feeling of freedom and a breath-taking view!
Paragliding with one of the most experienced pilots
...of the Central Switzerland. An adventure you will never forget!

Paragliding tandem flights in the spectacular Swiss nature

Experience the fantastic nature of Central Switzerland with all you senses from a new perspective! A unique experience for local enthusiasts, vacationers, as an original gift for your loved ones and colleagues or an eventful event for groups and companies.

Hardly any other aircraft allows you to experience nature as intensively as a paraglider: you feel the wind on your face, breathe in the fresh mountain air, feel the thermal lift us up and, with a bit of luck, observe birds or even other paragliders that fly with us and share third dimension.

It is particularly important to me that you experience an unforgettably beautiful flight.

Paragliding Erfahrung

More than 30 years of experience

Paragliding persönliche Betreuung

Personal one to one care

Paragliding Safety First

Safety first

Paragliding Top Equipment

Top equipment

Paragliding Terminbuchung

Bookable at short notice

Paragliding Photoservice

Instant photos & videos
Can be booked individually.

Flights and gift vouchers

Thermal Flight

A long flight with pure joy. We circle above the launch site and you enjoy an breathtaking view.
Flying time 30 to 90 minutes
Price from CHF 260.-
Thermal Flight

We prepare ourselves for a longer and enjoyable flight and circle as high as possible above the launch site. You will learn how paraglider pilots use the thermals for long and large distance flights. If conditions allow, we will fly to another mountain and back. On this flight you have plenty of time to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the incredible view - simply beautiful!

Typical flying areas: Rigi, Mythen-Rotenflue
Flight time: 30 to 90 minutes


Panoramic Flight

Enjoy an exiting afternoon with a beautyful flight over the lake.
Flying time 15 to 45 Min.
Price from CHF 230.-
Panoramic Flight

We usually take the mountain railway to the launch site together. Once at the top, we meet like-minded people who also want to experience a beautiful and exiting flight. After take-off it’s time to enjoy! If conditions allow, we’ll find thermals right away, fly over the launch site and wave to the guests on the mountain. After a trip over the lake, we land gently on a large meadow.

Typical flying areas: Rigi, Rotenfluh
Flight time: 15 to 45 minutes


Basic Flight

Experience the magic of paragliding.
Flight time up to 15 minutes
Price from CHF 200.-
Basic Flight

During the basic flight you will experience the magic of paragliding: after take-off we will fly along the slope and look for some lift that will lengthen the flight a little. After a short trip across the lake, we land gently on a beautiful meadow and are happy about the great experience.

Typical flying areas: Seebodenalp, Urmiberg
Flight time: up to 15 minutes


VIP - Your private pilot

You fly as often and as long as you want for a whole afternoon.
Price CHF 830.-
VIP - Your private pilot

You book me as your private pilot for a whole afternoon and fly as often and as long as you want! The ideal choice for visitors to Central Switzerland who want to experience the most beautiful day in the mountains. Or for paraglider pilots who want to get to know new flying sites and learn advanced flying techniques. We choose the flight areas together and follow the thermal forecasts to experience long flights. If the conditions are ideal, we can also do smaller cross-country flights - a unique experience.
And right after landing you will receive all the pictures and videos from your flying experience directly on your phone - ready to share with your friends!

Typical flying areas: Rigi, Rotenflue, Engelberg, Pilatus
Flight time: Fly all afternoon, as long as you like.


Group Flights

Enjoy a spectacular flight together with your friends.
Group Flights

You like to fly together with your friends? We are very happy to do that! I have a solid network of tandem pilots I trust, with whom I regularly carry out tandem flights for groups.
To book your group flight, select one of the flights in the flight & offer chapter and enter the corresponding amount for the number of people joining.


Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift for your beloved ones: The flight ticket to an unforgettable experience.
Gift Vouchers

Make your beloved ones a special gift with a flight ticket for an unforgettable experience in the beautiful nature of Central Switzerland.
My recommendation: choose a first class ticket. Everything is included: mountain railway ticket, video & photos of the flight and the flight are already paid.
Digital gift vouchers (PDF) are usually sent to you by email the following day at the latest. However, I recommend to choose the option for sending it by post: you will receive a nice gift card that will give your beloved one a lot of joy.


If you have any questions about the process or which flight is the right one for you, I’ll be happy to advise you!

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