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Gift Voucher - Basic Flight - First Class

We take the cable car up to the launch site and enjoy together the spectacular views. Don’t worry: your fair ticket is included in the ParaglidingSwiss First Class!
During the basic flight you will experience the magic of paragliding: after the take-off we will fly along the slope and together we will look for some lift that will lengthen the flight a little. After a short trip across the lake, we land gently on a beautiful meadow and are happy about the great experience.
And right after landing you will receive all the pictures and videos from your flying experience directly on your phone - ready to share with your friends!

Typical flying sites: Küssnacht Seebodenalp, Brunnen Urmiberg
Flying time: 5 to 15 minutes
Including: transport fair to take-off, on-board filming & pictures and your flight are included in First Class

Product no. GBF001

CHF 280.00
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