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Gift Voucher - Thermal Flight - Business Class

We usually take the mountain railway to the starting point together and look forward to a longer and enjoyable flight. Immediately after the take-off, we circle as high as possible over the launch site and enjoy the diverse view of Central Switzerland. We look for the next thermal and fly to another mountain and if possible back again. On this long flight, you will learn how we paraglider pilots use the thermals for long and far distance flights. The supreme discipline in paragliding - just beautiful!
And right after landing you will receive all the pictures and videos from your flying experience directly on your phone - ready to share with your friends!

Typical flying sites: Rigi, Mythen-Rotenflue
Flying time: 30 to 90 minutes
Including: on-board filming & pictures and the flight

Product no. GTF002

CHF 290.00
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