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VIP private pilot - Business Class

You book your pilot for a whole afternoon and fly as often and as long as you want! The ideal choice for visitors to Central Switzerland who want to experience the most beautiful day in the mountains. Or for paraglider pilots who want to get to know new flying sites and learn advanced flying techniques. We choose the flight areas together and follow the thermal forecasts to experience long flights. If the conditions are ideal, we can also do smaller cross-country flights - a unique experience.
And right after landing you will receive all the pictures and videos from your flying experience directly on your phone - ready to share with your friends!

Typical flying areas: Rigi, Rotenflue, Engelberg, Pilatus
Flying time: Fly all afternoon, as long as you like
Including: fotos & on-board filming and all your flights on that afternoon

Product no. VIP002

CHF 830.00
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