How do I know if my pilot is qualified for tandem paragliding flights?

In order to be allowed to take passengers as a paraglider pilot in Switzerland, the pilot has to complete a very demanding training course with several tests. Only then does he obtain the corresponding flight license for practicing tandem flights with "pedestrians".

A long and difficult training that requires real commitment. You are welcome to ask your pilot to show you the Swiss pilot’s license.

More information on this: https://www.shv-fsvl.ch/ausbildung/biplace-pilot/

How am I insured for the flight?

You are insured against accidents through your accident insurance.

Can I take photos during the flight?

You may take photos and videos during the flight at your own risk. However, please be aware that you can easily lose your camera / mobile phone during the flight. I offer photo & video recordings from the flight. I recommend that you book this option so that you can relive your unforgettable experience later in film and photos. Lean back and let me document your experience. My GoPro takes wonderful photos and videos, which you can then download to your cell phone immediately after landing.

My friends or family like to accompany me...

If you have companions with you, I recommend that they come with you to the launch site to experience the preparation and the launch. Alternatively, you can also wait at the landing site until we land after about 2 hours.