Flight safety & procedure

Of course, your and my safety is our top priority! This goes through the precise checking of the weather conditions, the current selection of take-off and landing sites, regular testing and maintenance of the equipment and continuous further training in aeronautical topics.



You don’t need any prior knowledge for a great tandem flight. Your body weight should be between 30 and 100 kg (65 and 220 lbs). The launch process requires you to run a few steps before we take off to the skies. You don’t need to do any special action for the landing, we land gently and walk 2-3 steps - very easy!


Flying season

My flying season starts in March and goes to the beginning of November.


Booking with desired date

At booking, you specify your desired date. Since the implementation depends on the weather, we will discuss two days in advance whether the flight weather is suitable. On the day of the event I will contact you again and confirm the time and meeting point.

Here you come directly to the booking!


What do I have to bring?

  • good trekking shoes with as coarse a sole as possible and, if available, over the ankle warm windproof jacket
  • warm windproof jacket
  • sunglasses
  • for the cable car, please bring your “Halbtax” (Swiss Half-Fare), GA (Swiss General Abonnement) or tourist travelcard with you
  • please do only bring a small backpack, as it is very difficult to stow it away
  • Mobile phones or wallets can be stowed in the jacket pocket or in the harness

Instruction and preparation

Your experience already starts with the ride to the take-off site. I will explain the current weather and the influence on a good and safe paragliding flight. Once at the top, you can help me prepare the equipment. We discuss the starting process, I’ll put the harness on you and get myself ready for the flight.



With the 6-point check, I check our two harnesses and helmets, emergency parachute, paraglider, lines, the wind and the clear take-off area before take-off. Only then does it start: we walk a few steps, let the paraglider slowly rise over our heads, before we take off together into the air.



You don’t need to do anything special for the landing. We land gently and take 2-3 steps - very easy! Arrived at the landing site, we fold the paraglider together and pack the equipment back into the backpack.


Photos & Videos

If you have chosen this option, I will take photos & videos with my GoPro camera before take-off, during the flight and after landing. After landing, I will copy this to your mobile phone and you can share it directly with your loved ones.