Paragliding with one of the most experienced pilots
...of the Central Switzerland. An adventure you will never forget!

Your pilot – Björn Hjelmland

As the son of a Swissair airline captain, I grew up in the cockpit, so to speak. Flying has accompanied and fascinated me since childhood.

When I was at school, I did build model airplanes and thus learned the principles of aerodynamics. In 1986 the first paragliders appeared and I knew I wanted to practice this sport! In the following years I completed over 200 flights, which enabled me to start training to become a tandem paraglider pilot in 1989. One year later, I and my partner at the time set off on a one-year trip around the world with a tandem paraglider. I discovered new flying areas, got to know paragliding colleagues from all over the world and gained valuable experience.

I speak English, Spanish, French and of course German fluently. With Paragliding Swiss I have turned my passion for flying into my job and enjoy passing this fascination on to my passengers.

I’m looking forward to a great flight with you!

If you have any questions about the process or which flight is the right one for you, I’ll be happy to advise you!

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